Thank you for your support in helping us support our community durring this difficult time.


We hugely apriciate your donation! It will help keep our flower farm operational. We will deliver a bouquet to someone 70+ in our local community that is isolated at this time as a thank you.


*Vase not included.

This bouquet may consist of, but not limited to: runuculus, tulips, daffodils, and any other flowers that we have available while we offer this service. Service is limited to the supplies we have on hand and while they last. Serving ONLY Napa and Solano counties at this time.

"Social Distancing Aid 70+" DONATION ONLY


    Press the Add to Cart button to enter an address you wish to have the bouquet delivered to. You can also contact us via the chat box, or our email to give us a delivery address.


    Press the donate button for us to deliver flowers to someone at our discretion.