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Lisa Haas & Ron Van Huuksloot

Proprietors and Owners

    Well hello! We are Lisa and Ron vanHuuksloot, located in the northeastern corner of the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our floral service and tabletop accessories are the product of many passions combined through, well, let's just call it alchemy.

     Our floral designs have been curated from several disciplines to create one-of-a-kind artwork. Ron’s amazing photography skills capture the fleeting ephemeral beauty with his artistic eye. In addition to digital contributions, he is a talented manager for all the details of business operations.

     Lisa's training with nationally recognized and award winning floral designers has culminated in earning the American Institute of Floral Design's prestigious Certified Floral Designer title. She is currently studying high European style under the mentorship of internationally acclaimed masters of the floral industry, Tomas De Bruyne and Hitomi Gilliam.  

     While Ron isn’t entirely sold on the idea that flower farming is fun, Lisa has always been a botanist at heart. Many of the foliage and flowers used in our arrangements are grown in Tabletop Alchemist's gardens. Others are purchased from local flower farmers within our network as we strongly believe in keeping small businesses thriving, respecting the flower as a gift of nature, and using our land as privileged stewards.  Priority is always given to quality local and California grown products for the freshest seasonal designs possible. 


Kim (Haas) Novotny

UX & Operations Manager

     Residing in Dublin, CA with her husband Eitan. She has been with Lisa and Ron since the very beginning, and has loved every moment she has spent helping make Lisa and Ron's dreams a reality. Botany and décor happen to be some of her favorite hobbies as well!

     Kim spent nearly nine years studying Industrial Design, so the switch to digital User Experience work was very natural and logical. While she was studying during those nine years, she had several office Admin and Assistant roles in addition to a great customer service demeanor. Making things work while also making them look good is as instinctual as breathing for her. Using all of her office admin/assistant/processor experiences and natural design skills, she is an invaluable member of the HvH family.

     She is looking forward to helping HvH grow both literally and figuratively by building and maintaining the website, HvH operations, as well as picking up Floriculture and Floral Design certifications to ensure that HvH and Tabletop Alchemist will always have the quality Lisa and Ron envision, regardless of the medium. 

Alora's team photo

Alora Perrin

Apprentice Farm Manager

     Alora is a Fairfield native, and has worked in the Suisun Valley area since 2016. She started working with our company in April of 2020 (during our spring crop bloom), and immediately knew that HvH was going to be her right fit. Prior to farming, Alora was working as a designer at a local florist. It was there that she found her passion for flowers, and met Lisa Haas, leading her to her employment here at HvH.


     She is currently enrolled in the Apprentice Farm Manager program through the Center for Land Based Learning, and will be completing the program in 2022. The program introduces her to agricultural science courses as well as managerial techniques. She is a student at Solano College as well, working on an associates degree in Horticulture and a transfer degree in general sciences, with hopes of later attending UC Davis to study plant sciences.


Armando Jaimes

Field Associate

     Armando was born and raised in Fairfield Ca. His mother and father instilled him with a love of all things green. His earliest memories include planting trees in his backyard, so you can say this is his natural calling. He is excited to enjoy the process and grow with these plants and us here at HvH Specialty Growers. He feels he shares our passion for the hard work and beautiful rewards from each bloom on the farm. He truly enjoys the simplicity of the gentle wind blowing though the leaves and the sounds of the water landing on the soil to feed the floral beauty that mother nature blessed us with.


     His other greatest joys in life involve being around his family, wife, and his daughter Meilani-Sage. He enjoys all things sports and outdoor activities like hiking and exploring. He grew up watching football (49ers) and hoped to play one day professionally, however life had different plans for him. He doesn't let the small stuff stop him from achieving what he dreams and works toward. His biggest goal is to work hard everyday to pass the same values and appreciations that drive him. That


"No dream is too big, no dreamer too small, we can achieve any goal when we work hard for what we want if we love what we do. For me, this isn't work, its a hobby and my passion." 


We feel truly blessed to have him on our team.

Screenshot 2020-12-09 141102.jpg

Sughnen Yongo-Okochi

Social Media Content Writer

     For over twelve years, Sughnen (Sue-Nen) Yongo-Okochi has worked as a Freelance Content
Writer for both small and medium-sized agricultural businesses.

     Sughnen, who grew up on a small farm herself, is a West African immigrant of Nigerian
descent who moved to the United States at the age of sixteen years old, where her love for
creative expression through words grew.

     After graduating in 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Business Leadership from Kuyper
College, and a minor in Theology, she worked in the banking industry for about three years.
Sughnen is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Journalism at New York University
while also actively working as a freelance writer.

     Her favorite pastimes are reading, songwriting, traveling, and cooking.
She currently lives in Allendale, Michigan, with her growing family.

Mae's team photo

Mae Long & Scout

Social Media Assistant

Mae is still figuring out what she wants to say here. She also has a photography business and has taken all of our team photo's. We are happy to have her on our team.

Our HvH Team is our Family

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