Social Distancing Blues?

We Want To Share "Our Aid"

We understand that many of us are deeply worried about this pandemic. We are worried too. It is a very scary time indeed. 

We normally sell our flowers wholesale. However seeing our flowers bloom with no home/business to enjoy them is heartbreaking for us. Instead of us enjoying the solitude with our flowers, we want share a little bit of our happiness with those that are staying in full isolation.

One of the 3 of us will Personally deliver a FREE BOUQUET TO THOSE WHO ARE 70+ IN ISOLATION Here in Napa & Solano Counties.

We will drop them off on your doorstep, no interaction required. 

For those who are UNDER 70+ we will offer this same exceptional limited service for $10 a bouquet.

The $10 helps us keep our flower operation alive and maintain some amount of normalcy in this difficult time.

Stay Healthy. Stay Quarantined. Stay Sane!

Update: May 1, 2020... THANK YOU!


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