Updated: February 2021... THANK YOU!

     We normally sell our flowers wholesale. However the circumstances became grim when the flower market closed down. We dropped off bunches of flowers for beloved fallen military members. Then we decided to put out a sign, hoping to offer some amount of normalcy or comfort in this difficult time.

Fresh Flowers - $10 a dozen.

This simple decision had more of an impact than any of us could comprehend. 

     Seeing the grief stricken, heavily burdened with the fear of the unknown looming on the faces of our neighbors and community; Soften. lighten. With a new found internal peace and a stronger will to hold on to life and what was important to them after walking through our flowers while we bundled a dozen of them together to take home.... 

No words could possibly express how deeply moved we still are.

Thank You. Our friends, neighbors, community. All of you. Thank you. 

     We have since moved to larger facilities, and hope to one day, open it for you to tiptoe by the tulips once again when we have the resources and it is safe for the general public to do so. 

     Here is a gallery memorial, or rather a few tidbit mementos of the earlier days of that first shut down.


If you have pictures or memories of walking through our flowers during that time and want to share them here. Please reach out.

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Social Distancing Blues?


We Want To Share "Our Aid"

We understand that many of us are deeply worried about this pandemic. We are worried too. It is a very scary time indeed. 

We normally sell our flowers wholesale. However seeing our flowers bloom with no home/business to enjoy them is heartbreaking for us. Instead of us enjoying the solitude with our flowers, we want share a little bit of our happiness with those that are staying in full isolation.

One of the 3 of us will Personally deliver a FREE BOUQUET TO THOSE WHO ARE 70+ IN ISOLATION Here in Napa & Solano Counties.

We will drop them off on your doorstep, no interaction required. 

For those who are UNDER 70+ we will offer this same exceptional limited service for $10 a bouquet.

The $10 helps us keep our flower operation alive and maintain some amount of normalcy in this difficult time.