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Lisa Haas
Proprietor and Owner

Ron Van Huuksloot

Proprietor and Owner

Kim (Haas) Novotny

UX & Operations Manager

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Alora Perrin

Apprentice Farm Manager

Armando Jaimes

Field Associate


Mariah McLaughlin
Field Associate

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Mae Long & Scout

Social Media Assistant

Why We Do What We Do

May 2020 tulip bloom

Since the days of antiquity, flowers have been used as a symbol of enduring connection for a precious moment in time. They express a sense of community and bring out positive attributes of people. The uncanny ability of blooms to uplift moods and bring happiness and comfort is a scientific fact* across the globe and throughout the ages. We are honored to bring you this gift of nature by using our land as privileged stewards to cultivate these delightful plants.

Our flower farm is a small but colorful patchwork of flower plots located in the scenic Suisun Valley situated just east of Napa. This rustic and bucolic region is rich in native and early American history and produces nationally acclaimed wines from superior vineyards. The back roads are dotted with olive groves that supply award-winning olive oil as well as open fields of seasonal vegetables and fruit.

We offer several varieties of flowers over several seasons with novel colors, textures, and unique beauty. The summer months are kicked off with herb garden starter plants, many of which we grow to maturity and incorporate into our farmer’s market-style flower bunches. We also carry a small collection of houseplants such as succulents, African violets, and maidenhair fern. From time to time colorful bedding plants, flower bulbs and seeds from our stock is available to add to your cutting garden at home.

*Some Scientific Sources Here:

 Humans’ Relationship to Flowers as an Example of the Multiple Components of Embodied Aesthetics

• The physiological and psychological relaxing effects of viewing rose flowers in office workers

• Flower Power

• Flower power: ‘Brain Awareness’ lecturer to discuss flowers’ positive effect on emotions

• Health and well-being benefits of plants


Gone But Not Forgotten

HvH Specialty Growers gives back to the armed forces community.​
Our exclusive 
Gone But NOT Forgotten 
complimentary floral service delivers fresh flowers to your loved ones.

We don't discard perfectly healthy flowers and greenery. Rather, the surpluses are designed into handsome hand-tied bouquets and personally taken to local and National Cemeteries to grace their splendor upon our fallen and former military heroes.

Families can choose to publicly honor the heroic stories, sacrifices, and memories of lost loved ones in our special section devoted to our service members.




Well hello! We are Lisa and Ron vanHuuksloot, located in the northeastern corner of the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our floral service and tabletop accessories are the product of many passions combined through, well, let's just call it alchemy.

     Our floral designs have been curated from several disciplines to create one-of-a-kind artwork. Ron’s amazing photography skills capture the fleeting ephemeral beauty with his artistic eye. In addition to digital contributions, he is a talented manager for all the details of business operations.


Lisa's training with nationally recognized and award winning floral designers has culminated in earning the American Institute of Floral Design's prestigious Certified Floral Designer title. She is currently studying high European style under the mentorship of internationally acclaimed masters of the floral industry, Tomas De Bruyne and Hitomi Gilliam.  

     While Ron isn’t entirely sold on the idea that flower farming is fun, Lisa has always been a botanist at heart. Many of the foliage and flowers used in our arrangements are grown in Tabletop Alchemist's gardens. Others are purchased from local flower farmers within our network as we strongly believe in keeping small businesses thriving, respecting the flower as a gift of nature, and using our land as privileged stewards.  Priority is always given to quality local and California grown products for the freshest seasonal designs possible. 

Image by Mae Long
Image by Mae Long

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